ELN Editorial Meeting #3, Jyväskylä

The third ELN editorial meeting was held at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland, on the 1st of February.For the benefit of effective discussion this meeting was collapsed with the Steering Group Meeting, which started earlier in the morning. During the editorial meeting, Rui A. Alves acknowledged the success of current editorial projects, namely, the edited volumes on Reading-Writing Connections and on Multilingualism and Literacy as well as the Special Issue on Handwriting Interventions. These editorial projects are important deliverables of the network and are expected to be finished in early 2018. Another important topic addressed in the editorial meeting concerned the International Handbook of Literacy Science. Different ideas on the structure and the main topics to be encompassed by the book were discussed. Given the many orthographies represented in the Action, there was a general agreement that an important contribution of this Handbook would be to provide a detailed comparison across orthographies.

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