ELN Editorial Meeting #2, Nicosia

The second ELN editorial meeting was held at the University of Cyprus in Nicosia, on the 3rd of November. During this meeting, David Galbraith acknowledged the success of current editorial projects, such as the edited volumes on Reading-Writing Connections and on Multilingualism and Literacy. The call for chapters for both volumes received an encouraging and positive reply from ELN members, summing a total of more than 50 proposals. 

This meeting was also very important to make advancements concerning the International Handbook of Literacy (IHL), with a fruitful discussion on the structure of IHL as well as on possible publishers for the handbook. A call for chapters is foreseen during the first semester of 2017. The Editorial Coordinator also highlighted the importance of stimulating ELN members to undertake new editorial projects aimed at connecting ELN with the educational field, such as special issues and, mainly, position papers.

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