MC Meeting #1, Brussels

The first MC meeting marked the beginning of COST Action IS1401ELN and took place in Brussels, on December 12, 2014. This meeting lasted a full day. The morning session was chaired by Dr. Rossella Magli, Action’s Science Officer and included a presentation by Ms. Carmencita Malimban, Administrative Officer, who provided useful information on COST mechanism, funding and reporting activities.

After the MC have agreed on the Rules of Procedure for Management Committee, Prof. Rui A. Alves and Prof. Marie van Reybroeck were unanimously elected as Chair and Vice Chair of the MC, respectively. The second part of the meeting was chaired by Rui A. Alves, who presented the work plan for implementing COST Action IS1401ELN, as well as the budget plan for Grant Period 1 (January-December 2015).

The other SG positions were also elected on the first MC meeting.

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