WG1 Meeting #2, Prague

During the ELN Inaugural Conference, each Working Groups had the opportunity to provide ELN members with an overview of WG-relevant research topics in a symposium composed by a keynote and three presentations.

The WG1 Symposium was chaired by Julie Dockrell. It started with the keynote of Karin Landerl on "Reading in different languages” and included presentations on methodological issues (T. Papadopoulos), multilingualism and multi- orthography (R. Stainthorp), and multilingualism and literacy education (C. Mifsud).

  WG1 Symposium download pdf
  Chair: Julie Dockrell

  Reading in different languages, download pdf
  Keynote speaker: Karin Landerl, University of Graz
  Methodological issues in cross-linguistic research on reading development, download pdf
  Timothy Papadopoulos

  Multilingualism + multi orthography = multi literacy: not a simple equation download pdf
  Rhona Winifred Stainthorp

  Multilingualism and literacy education in Europe: unifying research-informed effective pedagogies or a fragmenting landscape? download pdf
  Charles Mifsud

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