WG2 Meeting #2, Prague

During the ELN Inaugural Conference, each Working Groups had the opportunity to provide ELN members with an overview of WG-relevant research topics in a symposium composed by a keynote and three presentations.

The WG2 Symposium was chaired by Mira Bekar. It started with the keynote of Charles Bazerman on "Imagining true longitudinal lifespan reading and writing studies” and included presentations from each WG’s team addressing academic literacies (B. Petric), digital literacy (L. Pereira), and multilingual literacy (E. Lindgren).
  WG2 Symposium
  Chair: Mira Bekar

  Imagining true longitudinal lifespan reading and writing studies, download pdf
  Keynote speaker: Charles Bazerman, University of California Santa Barba

  Presentation of team's workplan

  Academic literacies team, download pdf
  Bojana Petric

  Digital literacy team download pdf
  Luís Pereira
  Multilingual literacy team
  Eva Lindgren

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