WRAB Symposium

An invited symposium titled "Strengthening world citizens’ capabilities by establishing the European Literacy Network (ELN): Goals, current projects, and achievements” was performed at the worldwide largest conference devoted to writing research (Writing Research Across Borders, IV WRAB 2017), which was held at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá (Colombia) on February 15 to 19. This symposium was convened by the Action chair, and gathered representatives from the three Action WGs and a discussant.


Since December 2014, the European Union through its framework programme Horizon 2020 and the COST Association (COST stands for European Cooperation in Science and Technology) funds COST Action IS1401, which main goal is to establish, by the end of the Action in 2019, the association European Literacy Network (ELN). ELN is a worldwide not-for-profit association of individual literacy researchers. Currently, ELN has about 250 members from diverse scientific backgrounds and actively engaged in literacy research in 47 countries. ELN promotes networking among its members as way to fulfill a number of scientific, technological, and societal goals as detailed in the Action’s memorandum of understanding (available at www.is1401eln.eu). ELN scientific agenda is best exemplified by the ongoing works of the Action’s three working groups (WG), which will be presented in the symposium’s talks. Prior to the WGs presentations, the convener will introduce the European Literacy Network. On closing, a synthesis and a discussion of ELN goals, projects, and current achievements will be performed by the symposium’s discussant.

Introducing the European Literacy Network (ELN) being established by COST Action IS1401 download pdf
Rui A. Alves, Marie Van Reybroeck, and Teresa Limpo

ELN Working Group 1: An integrated and inclusive approach to foundational literacy across Europe download pdf
Otília Sousa, Julie Dockrell, and Timothy Papadopoulos

ELN Working Group 2: Developmental aspects of literacy and education in a digital world download pdf
Anita Peti-Stantic and Mira Bekar

ELN Working Group 3: Improving literacy technologies download pdf
David Galbraith, Mark Torrance, and Heikki Lyytinen

Discussion by Christiane K. Donahue, Dartmouth College, United States download pdf

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