Practical Skills for Writing Process Research in Primary and Secondary Schools


The training school will give applied, practical introduction on task design, data capture (keystroke logging and handwriting capture), data processing, and statistical methods for understanding writing processes. Our aim is to provide an introduction to these topics, leaving participants with sufficient understanding to implement the methods themselves when they return to their own research groups. Our focus will be on research with school age children much of the workshop content will generalise to adult writers. 

The main topics of the Training School include:
  •  Computational Linguistics for complete beginners. Including an accessible introduction to natural language processing in R.
  • Handwriting process analysis, basic theory and hands on practice at segmentation into psycholinguistically-meaningful units.
  • Collecting and interpreting keystroke data from students writing by keyboard.
  • Introduction to data manipulation and statistical analysis using linear mixed e ects models in R.
  • Task design clinic – students develop their own research plans, in teams, and then present these for expert scrutiny


The training school will take place within the Norwegian Reading Centre at the University of Stavanger (UiS), Professor Olav Hanssens vei 10, N-4036 Stavanger. 


The workshop is jointly sponsored by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR), University of Bergen, the Norwegian Reading Centre at University of Stavanger, and COST Action IS1401ELN. 


Raquel Fidalgo: Professor of Educational Psychology at University of León, Spain
Guido Nottbusch: Professor of German Primary Education at University of Potsdam
Mark Torrance: Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Nottingham Trent University and Adjunct Professor in the National Reading Centre, University of Stavanger 
Per Henning Uppstad: Professor in the Norwegian National Reading Centre 
Christer Johansson: Professor of Computational Linguistics, University of Bergen

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