Writing Process Research: Keystroke Logging


 This training school brings together a motivated group of trainees and trainers in the domain of writing research. The main objectives of this symposium include the following:

  • Explore the possibilities and limitations of new methods and techniques that are currently used to collect data on writing processes, viz. keystroke logging;
  • Discuss good practices to set up ethnographical and experimental writing process research, also focusing on the complementarity of observation methods;
  • Introduce a wide range of possibilities to explore writing process data from different perspectives and prepare them for further analysis;
  • Present qualitative and quantitative approaches to writing process data;
  • Create a basis for a stronger international network of enthusiast writing researchers in different 
stages in their careers.


The symposium is organized at the University of Antwerp (City Campus). This campus is situated in the historical city centre and its central 16th century building "Hof van Liere", is part of the cultural- historical patrimony of Antwerp.


Victoria Johansson
Mariëlle Leijten
Luuk Van Waes
Asa Wengelin


Neil Bowen: Cardiff University, Language and Communication | Specialized in writing and linguistics
Larike Bronkhorst: University of Utrecht | Specialized in methods of qualitative research
David Galbraith: University of Southampton | Specialized in writing and cognitive processes
Victoria Johansson: Kristianstad University| Specialized in keystroke logging and hand writing and co-inventor of Scriptlog
Mariëlle Leijten: University of Antwerp & Flanders Research Foundation (FWO) | Specialized in writing and digital media and co-inventor of Inputlog
Thierry Olive: University of Poitiers | Specialized in cognitive aspects of writing processes
Lise Paesen: University of Antwerp | PhD student
Iris Schrijver: University of Antwerp | Specialized in transaltion studies and writing processes
Kristyan Spelman Miller: University of Winchester | Specialized in writing and linguistics
Kim Van Dun: Free University of Brussels | PhD student
Luuk Van Waes: University of Antwerp | Specialized in writing process research and co-inventor of Inputlog
Åsa Wengelin: University of Gothenburg | Specialized in keystroke logging and pause analysis and co-inventor of Scriptlog

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