Eye-tracking Use for Reading Research


It is our intention to gather a group of about 20 to 25 ESRs who are interested in knowing how to design and carry out experiments in word reading and reading comprehension using eye-tracking technology. 

The main objectives of this Training School include the following:

  • An overview of eye movements and eye-tracking technologies, followed by examples of how they are used to study reading processes and discussions on the eye-reading relationship 
  • Introduction to the methodology and issues associated with eye-tracking applications in word reading and reading comprehension research 
  • Detailed instruction on software capability and functionality, addressing a number of practical issues in starting eye-tracking research 
  • Principles of eye-tracking study design, and best practices and advice for data collection
  • Presentation covering technical aspects of the eye tracker, participant setup, and the use of the tracker software for generating experiments (Experiment Builder)
  • Detailed instruction on data analysis, including the use of data visualisation/analysis software (DataViewer)
  • Sample scripts and practice data


Follow this link for more information about travel arrangements.  



Timothy Papadopoulos: University of Cyprus | Specialised in the study of learning disabilities and their treatment
Irene-Anna Diakidoy: University of Turku | Specialised in the study of reading development, and more specifically in reading comprehension and learning from text
Tuomo Häikiö: University of Turku | Specialised in the study of reading development, and more specifically on the study of word and text processing among elementary school children
Christoforos Christoforou: Center for Applied Neuroscience | Specialised on computational methods for neuroscience, EEG analysis, Brain Computer Interfaces and Information Technology Sam Hutton: Sussex University | Specialised in high speed, high resolution, eye-tracking equipment
Argyro Fella: University of Cyprus | Carrying out experiments with the EyeLink 1000


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