ELN Editorial Meeting #4, Winterthur

The fourth ELN Editorial Meeting took place in Winterthur, right after the SG meeting (November 7, 2018). This meeting was aimed at making an update on the status of the editorial projects being carried out by the Working Groups. Based on the data from the 24-month progress report, during the first two years of the action, ELN members published 357 papers. Among these, 24 followed the COST criterion of being authored by members from at least two different countries, and 8 included the requested acknowledgement to ELN.

Currently, there are five on-going book projects on the following topics: Multilingualism and Literacy; Reading-Writing Connections; Cross-Cultural Analysis of Reading Comprehension instruction; Dissertation Writing; and International Handbook of Literacy Science. Recently, ELN published the Country reports on Digital Literacy and Education. Other on-going editorial projects involve the edition of Special Issues. Three issues are currently being edited in the following journals: Reading & Writing, Culture & Education, and Writing & Pedagogy.

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