MC Meeting #4, Winterthur

The fourth MC meeting of ELN was held in November 8, 2018, in Winterthur, and counted with the presence of 32 MC representatives. A main topic in the meeting was the updated on the status of the ELN Network. SG members reported on the advancements of their domains of activity and WG leaders provided a summary of achieved and ongoing projects. The Chair of the Action also reviewed the current GP4 Work and Budget Plan and proposed the Work and Budget Plan for GP5 discussed in the preceding SG meeting, which was approved by the MC.

Rui Alves also presented the led a fruitful discussion on the strategic meetings with other COST literacy networks. Specifically, there was a recap of the prior meetings held in 2017 and the establishment of the next plans to create synergies among the networks. Afterwards, the MC start the discussion of the first draft of the ELN Charter, which is now available on the website. Every ELN members is invited to go through the document and send their feedback to the Chair. A final topic in the MC meeting was the preparation for the 1 Literacy Summit, which will take place in Porto (November 1-3, 2018). Specifically, the MC discussed and agreed upon the composition of the Summit Committees, structure and organization of the program, and invited keynote speakers.

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