Working Groups

This COST Action has three WGs coordinated by two leaders, who keep track of the WG’s mission, projects, plans of action, and outcomes. WGs are comprised of several teams gathering researchers from different countries (minimum of four) and backgrounds. Teams implement specific projects aligned with the WGs scientific, technological, and societal objectives.

The Action has also a transversal team, the Societal Team, which is comprised by one of the WGs leaders, one representative from each WG, the Editorial Coordinator, the Communication Manager, the Stakeholders Manager, and the ESR Manager. This team is particularly concerned with expressing the societal implications and policy recommendations of the works conducted in the WGs.

WGS Shared Principles 

  • Connect both reading and writing research communities and involve of policy makers, practitioners, technology designers, and relevant stakeholders.
  • Operate with an embracing definition of literacy as it is being redefined within a digital environment.
  • Include explicit comparisons of cross-linguistic and cross-cultural differences among participating countries.
  • Develop sharp recommendations for educational policy and practice, and, when relevant, for technological development.
  • Foster the research skills of early stage and other researchers across the breadth of the participating countries.
  • Secure a European Literacy Network that outlives the Action, thereby playing an enduring role in strengthening European’s capabilities.

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