MC Meeting #3, Jyväskylä

The third meeting of the MC was held in Jyvaskyla on the 2nd of February, just before the WG1+WG2 Workshop. It gathered representatives from 27 countries. During this meeting, the Chair reviewed the 24-Month Progress Report that was submitted to COST Association for assessment. The current GP3 and the Working Plan and Budget for the forthcoming GP4 and GP5 were discussed and agreed upon. WG leaders summarized WG scientific activities being carried out and SG members reported on their tasks. Particular attention was given to the strategic plan to maximize the impact of the network worldwide. To that end, the MC agreed that it is critical to double the number of ELN members and prompt all participants to acknowledge ELN in their publications. An important decision of this meeting concerned the Closing Conference of the Action / 1st Literacy Summit, which will be in Porto, from the 1st to the 3rd, of November in 2018.

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