Public Interest

A key societal goal of ELN is to bridge the gap between literacy science and education. That bridge shall be built on the basis of true cooperation among researchers, practitioners, educators, policy-makers, partners, and other relevant societal forces. Together these forces are committed to translate available relevant research to a form that pursues public interest.

Societal Team

The Societal team was established in the ELN Ljubljana Meeting, this team is formed by the Chair, the Communication manager, the Editorial coordinator, the ESR manager, the Stakeholders manager, and one representative from each Working Group.

The Societal Team is involved in the effective spread of best practices that promote literacy, in expressing the societal implications and policy recommendations of the works conducted in the WGs, and in taking actions to promote the engagement of key partners in all ELN initiatives. Currently, this team is also drafting the Charter of the European Literacy Network, so to legally  establish the ELN Association.

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