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Main Goals: Integrated in the Social Network of Matosinhos, namely in its Executive Center, ADEIMA shares its efforts, resources and actions to execute solidarity intervention policies in face of different social problems and to stimulate local social development. The Association seeks to respond to the main problems identified in the Social Diagnosis and, in accordance with the priorities defined in the Social Development Plan of the municipality.
Actions or activities: :+Litercia Project Literacy in social neighborhoods

                    National Handwriting Association
United Kingdom

                                                                                            Sunderland Literacy Aid
United Kingdom
Main Goals: Increase literacy rate within the North East of England, UK.
Actions or activities: Provide under-resourced schools, libraries, community groups, hospitals, orphanages, prisons, charities working with individuals at high risk, with free proper educational resources. We collect them from where they're not  needed anymore, and redistribute in the community where and as needed.

Red Cross


Cyprus Psychologists Association
Main Goals: Our vision is the development, safeguard, and dissemination of the science of
psychology in Cyprus. Our mission includes the development and dissemination of
knowledge around psychological science in academic, professional, and the general public;
raising public awareness about psychological issues; and, promoting and safeguarding the
psychologist profession.
Actions or activities: As an Association, this is a rather new area for us, despite the fact
that we have members who have been delving into literacy issues for some time. We
primarily have focused on trainings for psychologists in areas pertaining to literacy, but
looking to expand in all possible action areas for psychologists and the public.


 National Literacy Trust 
Great Britain
Main goals: We are an independent charity dedicated to giving disadvantaged children the
literacy skills they need to succeed.
Actions or activities: We support schools and teachers with CPD and resources, we work
with whole communities with our National Literacy Trust Hub model, we lead national
campaigns and policy platforms, as well as conduct research that underpins all our work.

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