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 19th Public Elementary School

Main goals: The primary goal of the organization is individual and political emancipation through reading, discussions and informal education
Actions or Activities: Since 2012 Blaberon has been organizing reading programs and workshops which foster reading that encourages critical thinking, tolerance and creativity.
1. MOTOR OF CHANGE: A literary-political book club which targets students, graduates, activists, all readers interested in political literature i.e. politics of literature.
2. BLACK BOX: A literary program at the Medveščak city library. The program has a strong focus on critical reading and critical thinking, especially on the ways in which the texts we read are connected to the wider societal issues. The participants include senior members as well as students.
3. READING LAB / LABORATORIJ ČITANJA: A literary program for small children at the Kindergarten "Medveščak.” From October 2017 Blaberon is participating in he Erasmus KA2+project for reading in the kindergarten, with international partners (Turkey, Italy, Lithuania and Croatia). The name of the project is LISTEN, TALK, SPELL, ACT. 

Bulgarian Association Educational Leadership (AOL)

Center Talk to Me
Main goals: Our vision is a society that cares about the quality of life of children, young people and parents, and provides the opportunity to fullfill their wishes and needs. Our mission is to provide psychosocial support to children, young people and parents through creative, educational and therapeutic resources in order to improve the quality of their lives.
Actions or activities: The aim of our work is to increase the quality of life of children and parents. In the project "Let me tell you a story” we achieve that through therapeutic work with long-term hospitalized children, by telling and staging stories. The volunteers perform each week a play and spend time with children who are hospitalized at two paediatric departments in Zagreb. "When life gives you a lemon, write a story about the lemon” is the name of a training intended for all who work with children and want to exploit the potential of stories. "Ku-kuc! The story is inside” is a product designed for children and adults that puts children’s story in the spotlight, and based on the story creates a series of suggestions and ideas for interactive play. The story was written as a problem story and, as such, deals with some of the challenges that parents face every day in raising theor children. It unites all the contents of the box and encourages doing activities together and playing together.

Croatian dyslexia association

Czech Republic
Main goals: Support of people with learning difficulties, particularly dyslexia and AD(H)D
Actions or Activities: 1. Assessment of reading difficulties, including dynamic assessment approach. 2. Remediation of individuals with reading difficulties (from preschool children at risk of dyslexia to adult clients). 3. Publishing teaching aids and other materials which support learning to read. 4. Participation in international projects (e.g. Epowering parents for support of their children with dyslexia; Mobility of educational services for adolescents with dyslexia 5. Organisation of an annual national conference on dyslexia and reading. 6. Organisation of courses and workshops on reading and literacy, for teachers and counsellors.

Federation of Catholic Secondary Education


Bosnia Herzegovina 
Main goals: The permanent aim of our civil organisation is preserving cultural material and intangible heritage connected with kajkavian dialect which is primarily outspread in the area of north western Croatia. We do this with the activities of gathering, professional processing, storing books and manuscripts in the collection, which is partly in the form of exhibitions and also aimed for promoting and educating use. The publishing activities is also main domain of our activity.
Actions or Activities: Promoting books and magazine Hrvatsko zagorje, the only cultural magazine in Krapina-zagorje country, which are products of our publishing activities.


Marin Držić Elementary School


Metamorphosis Foundation
fYR Macedonia


Nakada Slap


Pedagogical State Institute Rhineland-Palatinate 
Main goals: Supporting teachers and schools
Actions or Activities: Provision of training and advisory activities for the target group of in-service teacher of all types of school (primary, secondary, vocational) in the field of reading, writing, listening and hearing, to support the teaching quality and the skills of the students


Pedagogical Institute of the Tuzla Canton
Bosnia Herzegovina 


Romanian Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Association 
Main goal: Our mission is to contribute to the development of a democratic society by promoting literacy and critical thinking skills for lifelong learning and sustainable development. 
Actions or activities: Our work centers upon developing resources for teachers and teacher trainers, and organizing professional development events to facilitate the shared learning of educators. We provide expertise in the field of literacy and critical thinking skills development and conduct studies in the aforementioned fields. We work with various partners within Romania and Europe.

Main goals: ŠK’s main mission as the leading national and regional publisher is meeting the evolving needs of a new generation of readers, be they students, professionals, academics, or the general public.
Actions or Activities: We are constantly encouraging teachers and parents by providing the ideas and educational materials as well as selection of new titles to develop reading habits and encourage children to read. We are the main partner in 2017. in National reading campaign Read me organised by Croatian Reading Society and UNICEF. For the third time we are hosting Symposium on Reading on 8th September to promote the International Literacy Day.

 The Reading Dog
Main goals: Promoting emergent literacy skills in pre-school and school-aged children; Preventing reading and writing   difficulties in school-aged children; Increasing teachers and caregivers awareness of the importance of literacy skills for   Learning and Inclusion; Disseminating information about different uses of Children’s Literature top romper Literacy skills in   children.
Actions or Activities: Blog about children’s literacy and literature; Training for teachers and educators about emergent     literacy.


The Counselling Centre for Children, Adolescents and Parents of Ljubljana
Main goals: We operate as a public institution integrating various fields of health care, education and social welfare. We provide professional help for children, adolescents and parents. Parents or adolescents may attend their first consultation on their own request or via appointment made by a school counselling service or general practitioner. Our aim is to determine the problems that a child or adolescent concerned is facing. We select the proper treatment and decide which specialists they should be referred to. Whenever it should prove necessary, and on their parents’ approval, we will also establish cooperation with his/her nursery school, primary/secondary school, general practitioner, specialist doctor, department of social welfare, and other relevant institutions, so that the chil d or adolescent concerned can be provided holistic help as possible. Our work combines prevention, diagnostics, counselling and treatment therapy.

 Buch.Zeit / Kompetenzzentrum Lesen, Schreiben, Rechnen

 Berufsverband Akademischer Legasthenie-Dyskalkulie- TherapeutInnen
Main Goals: support children with specific reading or writing problems, support trainers and inform parents and teachers about how to help systematically.
Actions or activities: organisation of a symposion about reading and writing; invite speakers to hot-topic-talks for trainers; information in newspapers (e.g. for parents and teachers) about specific help for children with learning problems;

 Public and university library Derviš Sušić Tuzla
Bosnia Herzegovina

 Association Educational Leadership (AEL)

 Kajkaviana - drustvo za prikupljanje,cuvanje i promicanje hrvatske kajkavske bastine
Main goals: The permanent aim of our civil organisation is preserving cultural material and intangible heritage connected with kajkavian dialect which is primarily outspread in the area of north western Croatia. We do this with the activities of gathering, professional processing, storing books and manuscripts in the collection, which is partly in the form of exhibitions and also aimed for promoting and educating use. The publishing activities is also main domain of our activity.
Actions or Activities: Promoting books and magazine Hrvatsko zagorje, the only cultural magazine in Krapina-zagorje country, which are products of our publishing activities.

 Hrvatska mreža školskih knjižničara (Croatian Network of School Librarians)

 Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

 Croatian Logopedic Association

 Pädagogisches Landesinstitut Rheinland-Pfalz

 University Complutense of Madrid
 European Parents'Association
 Ministry of Science and Education
 Portuguese School Libraries Network
Main goals: The School Libraries Network Program (SLNP) was launched in 1996 by the Ministries of Education and Culture, aiming to install and develop libraries in public schools at all levels of education, providing users with the necessary resources for reading, access, use and production of information in all formats and media. Teacher librarians are responsible for the operation and management of school libraries, curriculum-based activities, reading and literacy development. They manage libraries in order to make them spaces of knowledge and variety of resources, implicated in the change of educational practices, in the development of digital, media and information literacy, in the training of critical readers and in the construction of citizenship. Coordinated by the School Libraries Network Agency, the program articulates its action with other services of the Ministry of Education, municipalities, municipal libraries, universities, training centers, foundations and national and international associations. The connection between the SLNP Agency, schools and the different local partnerships is responsibility of regional coordinators that supervise and organize a number of schools. These coordinators also give technical and pedagogical support to teacher librarians and library teams.
Actions or Activities: In 2017, the Portuguese School Libraries Network Agency published the second edition of the reference document "Learning with the School Library", a set of learning standards associated with reading, information, digital and media competencies that school libraries are expected to promote. The experiment in using the standards "Learning with the School Library" was initiated in 2013 with a small group of basic schools. Now, the learning standards are extended to the secondary schools and they can be used as a guideline and operationalized by all the school libraries integrated into the Portuguese School Libraries Network (about 2500 school libraries). Considering that the majority school libraries have already left behind the installation and organization phase, the School Libraries Network Office launches annually a series of initiatives, some in partnership with other institutions - projects, competitions, applications - aimed at supporting innovative projects of school communities and to promote different literacies, citizenship and inclusion.
  Zagreb City Libraries
Main goals: The City Library is one of the oldest cultural public institutions in Zagreb, founded on December 7th, 1907, per suggestion of "Society of Brethren of the Croatian Dragon” and decision of the City Council. Even in the first Rules of Procedure dated from 19085 that still carry the same importance, Library’s status and purpose were defined as: "Zagreb City Library is a free, public and modern library, founded and settled for all citizens of Zagreb. Library’s aim and mission, a century ago and today, is to gather people of all ages and abilities, encourage literacy and passion for reading, creativity and acquisition of new skills and knowledge and encourage spending quality leisure time. Vision, mission and goals of the City Library as central public library of the network are a part of the Zagreb City Libraries’ strategic documents.6 Vision: Zagreb City Libraries should provide fundamental support to the community in which individuals can prosper by using public access to knowledge and cultural heritage providing same conditions for personal growth and spending quality leisure time; they should cooperate with all partners to shape the future but still preserve heritage; they should work on discovering new knowledge and sharing the resources with the world; they should be active participants in developing digital, intelligent and creative Zagreb, city of knowledge; they should be a respected and desirable partner, renowned for excellence of services, impeccable relations and protection of interests of their users, founders, associates and employees. Mission: to inform, educate, encourage and connect; provide support for cultural, social and economic development of the community and provide services, ensure and defend the right to read and open access to knowledge; to educate employees and cooperate with partners and associates in order to ensure quality services that will enhance community development and quality of life, to satisfy citizens’ various cultural, information and communication needs. Goals: to become a recognizable cultural centre of the city and the community, an attractive place for studying, having fun and socializing; to create and strengthen reading habits and provide support for lifelong learning to all citizens; to continuously develop quality collections in different media and provide access to collections; to provide access to all information by using Internet resources and services; to provide services for social inclusion; to keep track of innovations in LIS profession and implement quality solutions; to provide educational support for democracy.

                Agrupamento de Escolas de Matosinhos


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       International Parents Alliance
Main Goals: Stichting IPA (Parents International) is established with the mission of supporting parents around the world to become game-changers by helping their children to grow up happy and healthy 21st century citizens. By becoming the best parents of our children we can ensure the future of not only our children, but also the well-being of mankind. 
Actions or activities: :Stichting IPA (Parents International) serves the public interest by: - Connecting parents and their associations on a global scale; - Providing an international market place where parents can meet; - Establishing a pool of experienced professionals, practitioners, trainers and researchers to support parenting development and child participation; - Participating in projects that can contribute to achieving its goals. To achieve these objects, Stichting IPA (Parents International) among other things: - Offers examples of good practice to increase parents’ involvement in education - Works on stimulating, initiating, supporting and conducting research and development; - Stimulates, initiates, supports and executes projects and publications relating to its goals and aims; - Provides materials, activities and training that help improve and professionalise the skills of parents’ associations.

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