Travel Arrangements

Learn about Zagreb 

At the Arrival in Zagreb 

There is a shuttle bus from Zagreb Airport to the city center (Bus Station – Autobusni kolodvor), which costs about 40 kunas (8 euros). From the city center, you need to take either  public transportation (tram 5, 13 - 7 minutes) or a cab. 

You can also take a cab from the Airport to the hotel, costing approximately 20 euros. 

Meeting Venue

The meeting will take place in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Zagreb. 



There is a large variety of accommodation possibilities in Zagreb. These are a few suggestions: 

       3 minutes walk from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
       Approx. 85 € per night/single room with breakfast 

       Located in the center of Zagreb, about 30 minutes walk from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, with transports accessible.
       Approx. 75 € per night/single room with breakfast

       Close to the Faculty (about 10-15 minutes walk)
       Approx. 40€ per night

Restaurants near the Faculty

Traditional Croatian food

Traditional Croatian, Dalmatian and Istrian food (especially fish)

International and Croatian food

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