Dyslexia in your country: Legal framework and assessment process

This project was initiated during the WG1 meeting in Ljubljana in April 2016. Its aim is to collect information on:
a) Legal framework for dyslexia assessment and support in Member countries
b) Process of dyslexia assessment in Member countries (variables assessed, assessment tools, report writing standards, etc.)

The aim of the study is gain the understanding of cross-country similarities and differences in dyslexia assessment and support – and, consequently, share good practice and suggest common European standards.

The study involves a detailed survey, to be completed by interested Action members, in collaboration with dyslexia practitioners in their respective countries. Action members from Slovenia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Finland, Lithuania, Denmark, Malta, Ireland and Greece and Canada expressed interest in taking part. Initial phase of data collection is under way, to be completed in December 2016. Following preliminary data analysis, further data collection will take place in Spring 2017. It is envisaged that processed data, in the form of annotated database, will be made publicly available for further analysis on the ELN website by the autumn of 2017.

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